Thomas J. Ertle & Associates, LLC
Professional Engineering & Land Surveying


Since the early 90’s, the surveying profession has technologically advanced itself well beyond a steel chain (tape), transit, dumpy level, Philadelphia rod, slide rule, book of logarithms, ink pens and parchment paper or velum. For most, this was the prescribed methodology for over two hundred years of surveying and engineering. Through the 90’s, computers have enhanced the profession. In today’s world, our survey equipment include highly accurate total stations reading angles to the second of a degree and distances to the millimeter, electronic data collectors which link directly to the main computers in the office ensuring that there are no scribbners errors, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to pinpoint our position on the face of the planet within a millimeter or so and keeping errors to a minimum on large boundary projects, robotics to ensure there are no human induced errors, high order leveling equipment which read a bar code rather than numbers guaranteeing a plumb rod, balanced level run and correct readings and surveying and mapping CAD Stations for highly precise calculations and to present all of our work in the most precise manor.
As you can see, the technological breakthroughs over the past 30 years or so have exceeded our industry standards from the previous 200 years. It has always been the goal of THOMAS J. ERTLE & ASSOCIATES, LLC to keep all of its professionals trained in the most up to date technology available. Each and every year, the professionals at THOMAS J. ERTLE & ASSOCIATES, LLC routinely train by taking continuing education seminars and professional development credits. These seminars keep our design team in tune with the most current programs, equipment and technology to provide the client with the best service possible.
As you look through our project list, please notice the diversity of work THOMAS J. ERTLE & ASSOCIATES, LLC has done. All of the projects listed are either current or have been completed within the past 10 to 15 years of this company’s inception. The majority of these projects have been completed with the highly accurate equipment referenced above to ensure the most competent results possible. Since this company’s start, it has embraced all of the newest technologies using it in everyday routines. The result is a better, more accurate and precise product for the client.


702 Brewers Bridge Road, Jackson, NJ 08527
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